Agriculture is two to four times more effective at raising incomes in developing countries than other sectors. the active production of useful plants or animals in ecosystems that have been created by people. Agriculture has often been conceptualized narrowly, in terms of specific combinations of activities and organisms.

India is an agricultural country. Agriculture and its allied activities act as main source of livelihood for more than 80% population of rural India. It provides employment to approximately 52% of labour. Its contribution to Gross Domestic product (GDP) is between 14 to 15%. At the time of Independence, India faced food grain shortage. India achieved spectacular growth in agriculture sector since 1966. India today is self sufficient in most of the food grain despite population increase. The food grain production of India increased from 51 million tons in 1950 to about record 273.38 million tons in 2016-17. This growth in itself represents a remarkable achievement in the history of world agriculture. India has achieved significant growth in agriculture, milk, fish, oilseeds, fruits and vegetables owing to green, white, blue and yellow revolutions. All these revolutions have brought prosperity for the farmers. Many factors are responsible for these achievement viz conducive government policies, receptivity of the farmers and also establishment of higher agricultural education institutions.

The Agricultural Education Division, ICAR is involved in strengthening and streamlining of higher agricultural education system to enhance the quality of human resources in agri-supply chain to meet future challenges in agriculture sector in the country. This calls for regular planning, development, coordination and quality assurance in higher agricultural education in India. The division strives for maintaining and upgrading quality and relevance of higher agricultural education through partnership and efforts of the ICAR-Agricultural Universities (AUs) system comprising of State Agricultural Universities (62), Deemed to be universities (5), Central Agricultural University (2) and Central Universities (4) with Agriculture Faculty.

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